Want some help developing a content strategy that drives consistent leads and sales for your online business? 

As a Content Creator and Strategist, I specialize in helping online business owners create educational content to attract, acquire, and retain more customers.

Since 2016, I've published 1,000+ pieces of content online for other companies - ranging from online workshops, blog posts, online courses, client case studies, webinars, and more. Collectively, the content I’ve produced has generated millions of views and thousands customers for other businesses.

Here are some of the objectives I can help you accomplish:

  • Developing an educational content strategy that drives consistent website traffic, leads, and sales
  • Building a system for creating, publishing, and distributing content online
  • Creating free workshops and resources to grow your email list
  • Hosting a live webinar or online workshop to convert your leads into buyers
  • Providing online training to your existing customers to increase retention and success rates

If you're interesting in working together to accomplish any of these objectives, click on the button below to schedule a free Content Strategy Consultation with me. During our call, I will assess your current marketing activities and help you create a content plan that is customized to your business and goals. 

There is no charge for this and there’s no catch. If you enjoy our conversation and get value from it, we can discuss working together on an ongoing basis. 


Greg Smith, Co-Founder & CEO @ Thinkific

As the Content Marketing Manager for Thinkific, Tyler was directly involved in the creation and promotion of hundreds of pieces of content to help our target audience learn how to create and sell online courses successfully. In less than 3 years, he was able to grow our blog from a few thousand visitors per month to over 50,000 monthly visitors and one of the primary sources of new leads and customers for our software. 

His work played a key role in shaping the way we communicate with our customers and provided them with the resources and training they need to achieve their goals. Many of our customers have said that the reason they found us and chose us over other online course platforms was because of the quality of the content that Tyler produced. If you’re looking for someone to help you create and implement a content strategy that adds tremendous value to your target market and attracts more customers for your business, I highly recommend working with Tyler.

Dan Darchuck, CEO @ Topturn Capital

We hired Tyler to help us with several marketing-related initiatives including a book launch, an advertising campaign to grow our email newsletter, and the development of an online workshop that generated several sales opportunities with business owners considering succession planning. Tyler is great to work with and we appreciated his strategic guidance and tracking of key metrics throughout the process. I was impressed with not only his creativity but also his high degree of organization. If you need help developing educational content to attract or support more customers for your business, I highly recommend working with Tyler.

Rockwell Felder, Co-Founder @ Squadcast.fm

With the help of Tyler’s strategic guidance and management of our paid advertising campaigns, we grew from a few hundred customers to 10,000+ active customers in a little over 2 years. He also played a big role in helping us create our internal processes and equipping our marketing team to take full ownership of our marketing activities. His collaborative approach makes working together feel like a partnership. If you're a startup founder looking for someone to help you establish and implement a marketing plan for your business, I highly recommend working with Tyler.

Jacq Hackett, Founder @ Public Sector Consulting

I really loved working with Tyler. One of the key factors for me was that he took the time to understand my business.  He did his due diligence on this and very quickly came up with the right tone and type of messaging that was needed for my unique client group. Having worked with others in the past who didn’t pay enough attention to this, it made so much difference and in particular, it allowed all the content to flow easily without the need for multiple corrections – I so appreciated this.  Also, I learnt so much from working with him – about Facebook ads, marketing strategies, how to make sense of the data, timing, and the need for trial and error. And finally, but very importantly for me, Tyler is just a good human being – lovely to work with, follows through on what he says he’ll do, respectful, patient, and generous. I look forward to working with him again in the future.

Jake Dixon, CEO @ The Locker Room

Working with Tyler completely transformed our business. Over a few short months, he took us from have no marketing strategy and lead generation plan, to now creating a large footprint in our industry that has lead to over 1,000 new leads coming into our ecosystem and double digit high ticket sales in a short period of time. Tyler is patient at explaining and developing the process and has proven strategies that generate real results. Thank you!

Jaclyn Schiff, CEO @ PodReacher

I learned so much working with Tyler. He is a smart content creator with a deep understanding of the sales process. Based on the tools and strategies he shared with me, I was able to reach my goal of adding 10 clients to my business and more than doubling my MRR. As a business owner, it can be overwhelming to know where to put your focus, but Tyler helped me identify the areas where I got my greatest results, which made it a lot easier to know where to direct my attention. I would never hesitate to recommend working with him.

Maryn Juergens, VP of Growth @ Eden

Prior to working with Tyler, we were publishing 3 articles per week on our blog but weren't seeing much growth in our organic traffic. Tyler helped us create a new content strategy that was more keyword driven, required less content, and placed more emphasis on content quality and promotion activities. By implementing this strategy, we quadrupled organic traffic to our blog in less than 12 months. Tyler also helped us develop our internal processes and procedures for creating, publishing, and promoting content, enabling us to take more ownership of our inbound marketing activities. If you need help getting better results from your content marketing, I highly recommend working with Tyler.