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How To Never Compete On Price (Premium Brand Positioning) | Tyler Basu

How To Never Compete On Price

Competing on price is a race to the bottom. No matter what product or service you offer, there will always be someone else who figures out how to offer it for even cheaper. This is exactly why you never want to compete on price alone. Unless you’re Walmart, competing on price is the fastest way […]

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The Secret To Attracting Your Ideal Clients | Tyler Basu

The Secret To Attracting Your Ideal Clients

For most entrepreneurs, finding new clients is a struggle. Very few entrepreneurs know precisely who their ideal client is, or how to attract those people to their business. The simple 2 step process below will help you literally attract your ideal clients to your business. Step 1: Identify your ideal client (your customer avatar) Once you’ve identified the areas in […]

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Virtual Assistant | Outsourcing

How To Hire A Virtual Assistant

Earlier in 2014 I made the decision to hire a Virtual Assistant to help me handle many of the day-to-day activities that are essential to running an online business. It has now been over 2 months since my assistant has started working for me, and I can honestly say that the decision to outsource a […]

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