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7 Copywriting Tips For Marketers

The best marketers have mastered the art of writing great copy. Whether in a blog post, a sales letter, or an email, they know how to capture their reader’s interest, present their information effectively, and influence their reader to take action. After all, influencing your reader to do something after they read your content is what copywriting is all about. Your job isn’t just to entertain or inform people, it’s to influence them.

Here are 7 tips for writing great sales copy, and influencing your reader to take action:

Tip #1: Write like you talk

Speak to the reader the same way you would speak to a friend. This way, people will read it like you’re talking to them. They will identify with what they’re reading as if someone is speaking to them directly.

Tip #2: Focus less on grammar, and more on easy reading

Make the experience of reading your content easy. It doesn’t need to be perfect. A perfectionist marketer is a broke marketer. Don’t write like you’re trying to get an A+ in English class. If you’re focusing too much on grammar, punctuation, etc. you probably aren’t focusing on sales psychology and the art of persuading your reader.

Tip #3: Utilize white space

Lots of white space is good (the space between paragraphs). Don’t block a bunch of sentences into huge paragraphs. Paragraphs should be 2-4 sentences. Allow the reader to consumer your content in small chunks. You want your reader to read ALL your content – but they are unlikely to do so if it takes too much work or if they become overwhelmed by huge blocks of text.

You should also be cautious of the width of your post/letter/email etc. It’s easier to read a narrow paragraph than it is to read a long one.

Tip #4: Tell a story

Entertain your reader. Engage them. Keep them interested. Telling a story accomplishes this way more than presenting a whole bunch of information about your product/service/opportunity. People like to be entertained, and they remember stories more easily than they remember facts or features.

Tip #5: Have an opinion

Don’t be afraid to be bold. Don’t try to please everyone. Don’t be afraid to say something that some people won’t agree with. This will spark interaction and encourage readers to comment. If you don’t stand out, why would your reader remember you?

Seth Godin once said that in all it takes to be remarkable is to post something that is worth making a remark about. It’s that simple.

Tip #6: Use a captivating headline

Most people will not read an article or open an email unless the headline/subject gets their attention. Sometimes you have to be bold, shocking, outgoing, and different in order to peak your reader’s interest and build their curiosity. Think of your headline like a hook. It’s job is to lure the reader into wanting more information.

Tip #7: Include a Call to Action

At the end of your blog post/sales/letter (and in some cases throughout the document) make sure you have a CALL TO ACTION. A link to click on, an “Order Now” button, a phone number to call, an application form… something for them to DO.

Don’t be ashamed to ask your reader to take the next step. If you’re a persuasive copywriter, your reader will be compelled to take action anyway. Don’t let them down. Don’t peak their interest or offer a solution to them without making it EASY for them to move forward.

Final Tip:

One of the best ways to become a better copywriter is to emulate existing copywriters. Subscribe to the mailing lists of some of the top internet marketers and study their emails and sales letters. Modeling others is a pragmatic way to learn any new skill quickly.

Start applying the 7 rules for writing great copy in your marketing online and you will become more effective at attracting readers, engaging them, and influencing them to take action. 

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Tyler Basu is a Content Strategist that specializes in helping startups and online entrepreneurs scale their business with content marketing. He's the Co-Founder of Influencer Studio, a content marketing agency that provides training, consulting and done-for-you content marketing services to entrepreneurs.

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